What is exactly

ESA Elettromeccanica

ESA is not an abstract structural organization made of aseptic and detached from reality employees, in charge, as often, of delivering profits by any means necessary.
ESA is not a group of persons looking for a long term employment who, by chance, has found a job in a usual Italian small & medium company, and emerged thanks to the success of one technical employee of one of these existing companies.
The TRUTH, as per the words of our customers, is that ESA was born and exists to solve the fundamental issue faced by all those who need to give energy and control of their system: to have a serious, honest and reliable technical partner!!!
With this defined and clear focus, since 33 years, we have created, used ourselves and carry on experiencing the technical solutions and electrical systems to systematically and continuously improve and simplify processes!!!
In depth knowledge of the forces and the needs of the implant systems and of the people who use them, con- stantly updating and aware of the applicable legal and technical norms is fundamental to always be up to date expert and able to face any kind of technical challenge, combining safety for the people and the assets and ensu- ring and overcoming the full Customer satisfaction.
The perfect match between such work philosophy and past experience of the partners who founded ESA in the Metal industry of Marche, gave birth and is growing a uni- que way of managing his duties that distinguish the group from the rest of the competitors thanks to his peculiar attitude towards specialization and its competences as an electrical solving problem entity.
Anytime day and night, from any part of the globe, in any situation or environment, our customers know they can rely on a dedicated team of technical and professionals to solve and manage an electrical issue: ESA Eletromeccanica.

Target Customers

ESA dedicate and offers its knowledge and services mainly to General Contractors, Professionals and engineering offi- ces, Limited companies operating in Industrial Services.

Concretely speaking, we solve electrical issues faced by General Contractors for Public and State building, Power and Energy supply Building, Naval Defense, Oil & Gas, and Food & Beverage and Logistics sectors.

We collaborate with Professionals and engineering offices in facing complex and multi-aspects technical challenges. We take direct initiatives with Public customers who ope- rate in the Advanced Services economic sector to supply engineering and electrical project management and full de- velopment of the implant systems and running components dedicated to delivery “ready for use”.

ESA Elettromeccanica services to its customers

ESA integrates Electronics and Electrical systems.
Project design and creation of Medium and Low frequency Electrical implant systems is our core business.
We add to this all the main related needs as control sy- stems, fire alarm detection systems, industrial networking, and toxic and explosive gas detection system.


ESA Structure

ESA is a team of 20 people covering Research & Deve- lopment, Design and Creation of implants and Systems. All offices and production are based in our fully covered 800 square meter site in Ripatransone (AP).
Our workshop for electrical control center assembling and cable connecting is very well equipped with a vast range of repairing parts, machines and electrical hydraulic tools designed for folding and drilling of copper bars. We also have a designed room for testing of the products.
The Technical Design Office is equipped with a workstation with dedicated software such as SPAC automation, Autocad 2019 , Inventor, Amper Professional 2019, and all the main software for Scada e PLC (GE Machine Edition Pro, Ge Cimplicity, Siemens Step 7, Siemens WinCC, Siemens TIA Portal, Schneider SoMachine, Schneider Vijeo Designer, Schneider Power Suite, Thytronic Thysetter).