Software PLC, HMI e Scada

ESA is a true system integrator, that is the physical subject that brings together multiple systems and installations, often of different nature and of different manufacturers, making them work adequately and consistently with the needs of the Customer who uses the production process for do your job.

We are therefore specialists in PLC programming, HMI and Scada supervision systems of the main manufacturers on the market.

The work team is composed of software programmers with adequate experience in the most disparate areas of intervention (machines, plants, infrastructures, security systems, robotics) that keep constantly updated with frequent and intense training courses to get the best from the products and from available technologies.

The activities and know-how within ESA are constantly updated and thanks to the multidisciplinary expertise of the individual technicians we are able to offer a complete and global support to the Client also in the interfacing of the industrial automation systems with the network infrastructures to and from the external, remote control and remote management systems, industry 4.0.