Explosives detection and toxic gas

Many critical industrial applications, safety is ensured by way of fixed gas monitoring.
The risk may have different origins: toxic gas leak, lack or excess of oxygen, presence of explosive gases. If recognized immediately, you can act quickly to safeguard the security of persons and installations.
The E.S.A. Provides electromechanical designs and manufactures equipment for detection of toxic gases, explosive gases provides an efficient technical service for solving problems in existing plants and the process of regular calibration.
The company is able to implement different solutions to monitor and control both in analytical instrumentation, and detection and measure toxic gases, explosives and deficiency of oxygen using equipment and leading manufacturers worldwide.

Fields of application:

  • Foundries & Metal Production
  • Monitoring in the chemical laboratories
  • Monitoring in the car
  • Monitoring Typographic industries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Revelation escape of flammable gases and toxic chemicals in plants
  • Revelation in the water treatment plants
  • Storage of hazardous materials
  • Fermentation and refrigerated storage in the production of beer
  • Monitoring of CO in the steel industry
  • Monitoring of cleanroom
  • Monitoring in laboratories
  • Monitoring the treatment of waste
  • Monitoring in Coal
  • Monitoring in landfills
  • Detection of leakage of liquid gas (storage, distribution, users, processing)
  • Detection of leaks in the production of glass fiber
  • Detection of leaks in machinery for the production of foams
  • Detection of leaks in gas turbines and gas pumping stations
  • Detection of solvents
  • Revelation escape of flammable gases and toxic chemicals in plants
  • Revelation escape of combustible gases in chemical plants
  • Revelation in the water treatment plants
  • Revelation in the refrigeration systems (refrigerators, refrigerated warehouses, air-conditioning)
  • Storage of hazardous materials