Implementation of Unit Control Panel boards

The customer for whom we have created these control panels for the process plant is a well-known and famous oil company that operates internationally and specifically with actions in the Pakistani territory.

The Needs

Our direct customer (General Contractor) had to build complex UCP panels to control and manage his refining plant. As is often the case in the Oil&Gas sector, the volume of technical specifications to be respected and the strong pressure of engineering companies push customers like ours to turn to suitably structured companies with an internal technical office and proven manufacturing capabilities.

The Solution

It took several months to obtain the approval of the project, time spent to make the final customer understand the real needs of its plants and the related technical choices proposed.  In the end, the experience in the panel building sector and the manufacturing capabilities have led to a remarkable result: set of panels made in record time with claim number = 0 both for the documental part and for the FAT executed.