Process automation system for Gas extraction service system – Tunisia

Our Customer is a General Contractor operating in the Oil & Gas sector.  Specifically, it realizes systems and process plants for gas extraction.

The needs

As is often the case in the Oil & Gas world, orders of this magnitude involve considerable difficulties for a System Integrator. From the technical solutions almost bound to the very strict vendor list, it is not at all easy to get out of the way and obtain a result of excellence, succeeding in combining a competitive final cost for all plants.

To all this is added a high technical effort at the level of internal design with extreme quality management requirements and the pressure of the customer who, with frequent and repeated inspections, kept the psychophysical “tension” of our team high for the entire duration of the order.

The Solution

The only possible solution was to work together with the historical suppliers present in the vendor list, interacting very closely to obtain maximum technical performance (all the plants have been built for an area classified as ATEX EX-d) and at the same time remain within the budget.

All the technical design, both electrical and instrumental, was done internally, employing all ESA personnel at full capacity for several months.

In the same way all the realization and wiring of the Junction Boxes, the Local Panels, the MCC boards with extractable drawers, the electro-instrumental wiring on board the skid and finally the wiring of the UCP boards and the marshalling boards has been done with the help of ESA internal technicians without the help of any company or external consultant. For the first time, such an important and complex job order was designed and built entirely by ESA.

At the end of the order all the efforts were repaid by the flattering comments of the final customer and by external engineering firms in charge of screening and analyzing all the technical documentation produced in support of the plants.